Friday, March 14, 2014

If the blog is still here...

Pie Day is upon us once again.
BUT, I didn't feel like making crust and baking a pie. That means it was time to go Chopped! on my kitchen and see what I could make in honor of this auspicious day.
This is what I ended up with - an oatmeal apple crumble kind thing, in about 30 minutes!
We had oatmeal, I have spices, and sweetner and we had a jar that was labelled apple pancake topping that we got from Dave's sister for Christmas. We're ready!!

This can EASILY be paleo/vegan, honestly I just didn't want to deal with opening a jar of coconut oil and scraping out the solid oil when there was butter right there on the counter. Please remember all quantities are approximate due to winging it and whatever you do, remember the salt!

Turn oven on to 425 and grab a regulation pie dish, this is quick
2C quick cook oats - store brand is what we had
1/3 c sweetner/to taste. I used an almost empty bag of hard as a rock brown sugar and about a tablespoon of local honey. 
1/2 c shorteneing of choice - I'd recommend butter, coconut oil(the non-smelly kind) or ghee
3T cinnamon
1t nutmeg fresh
1/4t ground clove
1/2t cardamom powder
1/2t salt
16 oz. pie filling

Take your pie dish and add butter, place in oven a couple minutes to melt(or nuke it). add everything but pie filling and mix well. The consistency should be crumble, but it you try to pack it, it sticks together. once it s evenly mixed, spread it out in the pan making an indent in the center leaving about 1/4" on the bottom center of pie dish and making edges that are about an inch wide all the way around. Add the filling and spread out, gently spoon the material from the edges all over the top and use a spatula to evenly spread it to fill the pan. What you should have is a layer of oat mixture surrounding the apple filling. Throw that in the oven for 20 minutes, not top, but upper 1/3 of oven till GB&D. This is barely sweet, really tasty with crispy and chewyness. Yum!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free E book October 18th

If you're a parent of an athlete who will be heading to college one day this may be helpful.
I was thinking of my sister and her swimmer

Free Ebook Athletic Scholarships

Paleo Fudge

I made a Paleo Freezer fudge last night
I brought it to work
I forgot to take photos and now it is all gone.

I kind of followed a recipe/kind of didn't

throw about 1 c coconut oil in a stand mixer bowl whip till fluffy, add 1/4t vanilla, 1 c cocoa powder and whisk till well blended, add in 3/4 c chopped walnuts 1/4 c raw cocoa nibs stir only till just mixed in.

Freeze in a pan lined with plastic wrap, bring to work. I used a plastic take out tray that's about 4" x 7"
It gets runny after about 2 hrs

My original test recipe I added goji berries, blanched sliced almonds and I salted the top with Fleur de Sel. <

Valentine's Day - A HEART-y meal?

This didn't get published in February because I don't know!

everything hearty...

pan fried veal hearts
salad of romaine hearts, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm
chicken hearts grilled on skewers

pics somewhere :)

Arabian at the Knights

We had a great event to benefit a local vets group.
Getting Arabian at the Knights was a night of fun, food, dance and music held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Charlestown.
pics and video pending

there's a Fire

For my Birthday I got a couple of Best Buy certificates and turned them into a Kindle Fire.
I love it!
Been reading like a maniac.
I had already been reading ebooks on my PC, but now I can bring them with me as well.

But the apps are what crack me up.

This is what I did today
on AutoRap

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New TV console

President's Day
I went to work briefly and then went and got Minstrel Krampf and ended up at IKEA where we met my sis and her posse. (The Naz and The Captain).
Our IKEA game plan is to use them to visualize a kitchen that we will likely source somewhere else. Custom solid wood cabinetry is often the same price or even less than many IKEA options and it is SOLID wood, a better value choice for the house.  So we checked out the kitchens and got the kitchen planner guides and took some pics.
I also thought I wanted to start and expedit shelf wall in the future bedroom.
After some time in that department we decided to just grab another BILLY bookcase

It was packed! I have never parked on the top deck before, and the people, oy! Crying babies ruled the day.

We also found a small leather chair that Herr Krampf liked and we were going to get one, but by the time we got to the pickup area we just weren't feeling it, so we skipped that. We did end up with a completely unplanned purchase of a glass console that was never ever on the radar. It's now the TV stand. Photo later when it's full. Got a duvet cover and a bunch of CHEAP pillows for "camping decor" and some odds and ends.

We ate smart too.
Lox, salad, meatballs with vegs. and no jelly. Not quite the same, but not quite the carbs either!